Triple Bristle Returns  

We aim to make your experience shopping with us pleasant. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your triple bristle sonic toothbrush, you may request a return for a full refund within the 30 days of the date of purchase. Please take the time to read this page before returning your triple bristle toothbrush so that you can be confident you followed our return policy instructions correctly and will receive a refund in a timely fashion.

The triple bristle product must be postmarked no later than 30 days after the date of purchase for a full product refund. Customers are responsible for paying all return shipping costs for any and all returns unless there is an issue with the product itself. If you are needing a replacement due to a malfunction of some kind and you filled out the warranty form within 30 days of purchase – you can then submit a warranty claim to receive a replacement handle and/or charging base.

IMPORTANT: No refunds or replacement will be granted for any triple bristle toothbrush damaged by accident, neglect, unreasonable use, or if lost in the post. We also do not accept returns of the triple bristle™ brush club starter kit (subscription starter toothbrush model), replacement brush heads, any oral care supplies (dental floss, dental picks, brush head covers), or any special needs Brush and Bite products (starter kit or handles).

A few things to consider before you return your triple bristle toothbrush:

  • Have you tried the toothbrush more than once? The toothbrush will give you a tickling sensation at first. Your mouth and teeth WILL get used to the sonic vibration and the triple bristle heads.
  • You are having trouble getting used to the brushing technique and proper position? Take your time. Gliding the brush along your teeth rather than using a back and forth motion is one of the better techniques to use and might be easier for you to get used to. Anything new will get easier over time. Pull out the Instruction Manual and take a few minutes to flip through it….there are many images and dental tips from the dentist who created the Triple Bristle that will help you. Many times if you email with dental questions, our support team turns to the dentist to help answer your question.
  • You are not sure which brushing mode to use. Refer to the Instruction Manual that comes included with your toothbrush. It will give you some insight into which mode will work for you. Then go ahead and use the brush again to see if by changing the cleaning mode, the toothbrush works better for you.
  • My gums bleed when I use the triple bristle toothbrush for the first time and a few times after that. It is common to notice slight bleeding and have some sensitivity in the first two weeks of use. The Triple Bristle helps you brush perfectly every time so, you will be cleaning your teeth and gums more thoroughly than before. Both the slight bleeding and sensitivity will go away as your gums become stronger and you use your toothbrush more frequently. If bleeding still persists after two weeks of daily use please discontinue using it and return it.
  • “The brush head seems too large for my mouth” We all have different sized mouths, teeth, and we all adjust to change differently. The triple bristle is not for everyone, especially when taking oral sensitivity and teeth and mouth size into account. However, with the self-adjusting brush heads, you may be pressing the brush heads too hard up into your teeth. when you use the brush, try a slight back and forth motion and glide the brush heads along your teeth rather than pushing up past your gum line. As soon as you feel the bristles hit your gums, you have applied enough pressure and are ready to start brushing.

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